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Meta Tuku is a platform for customisable & programmable NFC Meta Data. The platform is completely free of charge - you can use it to manage your contact information using our Profile Builder or Program your NFC media with custom metadata. You can also use brand your NFC with your company or personal branding.

Meta Tuku NFC Business Card

Share your Information Digitally

Use Meta Tuku to make a memorable first impression

Meta Tuku and be used to store or link to any type of Meta Data or Information. It's completely customisable and programmable by you!

Simply choose your NFC Media and what you would like to store or link to and you're away!

Examples of other Date stored on NFC

Profile Builder

Create and Manage your Meta Tuku Profile

Users can create and style their very own contact profile linked to your NFC and customise the look to suit your needs.

Meta Tuku profile is completely free; there are no annual subscription fees

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Meta Tuku Profile Builder
Meta Tuku NFC Card

Manage & Order NFC Enabled Media

Manage your NFC tags and cards in the Meta Tuku Web App

Order NFC on an as-needed basis with no contracts, pay as you go, completely customised to fit your needs.

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Contact Information

Using our Profile builder, you can store individual details, work details, email & phone.

Social Media

Stored either via the Profile Builder or directly to NFC, you can link to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Custom URL

Stored directly to NFC, you can link directly to any web URL. Examples include sites like LinkTree, Blogs or your Company Website. This is great for event/marketing activities.

Application Link

Stored directly to NFC, you can link directly to your Web, iOS or Andriod application for ease of use for your users.


Geolocation or Address stored to support with services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. This is stored directly to NFC.

Bluetooth/WiFi Connectivity

Scannable Bluetooth and WiFi credentials, making it easier to share your blue tooth devices or guest wifi. This is stored directly to NFC..

File, Text or Image Data

Save text, files or images directly to your NFC and share them instantly.

Mail/SMS Data

Save Email or SMS directly to your NFC to share them instantly.

Custom Data

Upload custom data to your NFC with endless possibilities.

NFC Media Options

Meta Tuku comes in all shapes and sizes!
Meta Tuku NFC Media Options

Tap or Scan

You can choose to tap using NFC or scan using QR for older devices

Frequent Asked Questions

Need to know more? These are the most common questions asked

What is NFC and how does it work?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables short-range communication between compatible devices. An example is via NFC media and a smartphone.

You can “TAP” your NFC media while close to an NFC compatible device and that device can read the data saved on it.

Meta Tuku is a platform that enables you to order NFC, customise & programme it from the web application. NFC ordered through Meta Tuku is rewriteable, so if wish to reprogrammable your NFC you can!

Will it work on all phones and tablets?

The "TAP" feature works only with NFC-enabled devices. Please see the device compatibility list for more information.

For older device models QR code is printed on our NFC card solution. It can be scanned using the device’s camera to enable the same functionality as the “TAP” feature.

What is the Meta Tuku Profile Builder?

Within the Meta Tuku Web Application, you can create a contact profile using our Profile Builder. In the Profile Builder, you can add your contact information such as phone number, email address, website, different messengers and social media accounts.

What data can I share using NFC?

You can share all sorts of data with your NFC. An example of this is linking to URLs, Applications, Social Media Networks, Search Query, Files, Contact Information (FaceTime/FaceTime Audio) and even to your LinkTree.

A key feature of Meta Tuku is the ability to link to your Meta Tuku Profile.

What data can I store using NFC?

Not only can you share data via NFC, but you can also store data on it too. An example of this is Text, Mail, Location/Address (geoinformation), Bitcoin address and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection information.

You can also store custom data also.

How do I update information or data on my NFC?

There are two ways you can update information or data on your NFC

Contact Profile
If your NFC is linked to your Meta Tuku Profile, you are able to edit information directly from the Web Application

Data Stored on your NFC
You can manage all data stored on your NFC media via NFC writing software. We suggest using NFC tools by wakdev which is available on Andriod, iOS, Windows and OSX.

Can I customise my Meta Tuku NFC with my brand design?

Absolutely! Design can be customised when ordering NFC.

Is this card environment friendly?

We do not consider our NFC media as environment friendly. Our NFC media is made of high-quality PVC and can last up to 10 years.

It is important to note that our NFC media is recyclable and reusable with our NFC PVC Cards making it a viable option for the replacement of printed business cards.

In the near future, we envision providing further options for NFC media including Metal and Eco-Friendly Bamboo options

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