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Meta Tuku is a platform created by The Massive Collective, a Digital Agency from Aotearoa, New Zealand. As a platform, Meta Tuku is free to use, with no subscription fees - all you need is NFC Media.

Who are we?

The Massive Collective is a collection of professionals banded together as a Digital Agency specialising in Strategic & Business Development, Consultancy and Product & Service Development services.

Our Vision for Meta Tuku

Our vision for this platform is to increase the accessibility to NFC technologies.We believe new technologies play a big part in the development of our communities and this is one of many products built to serve those communities

Our Mission

We are a kaupapa driven company that strives to always work from a place of authenticity and sincerity promoting and using Te Reo Māori wherever possible


The Meta Tuku Brand

The conception of the Meta Tuku name starts with merging of two langauges English and Te Reo Māori

Meta - from the English langauge, derive from the word Metadata, meaning data that provides information about other data. In other words, it is "data about data"

Tuku - comes from Te Reo Māori meaning to send or give.

These two words combine make Meta Tuku, in other works - to give or send your data

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